COVID-19 Message from Pastor Rick

If you would have told me a month ago that the State could tell us that churches could not meet, I would have said "over my dead body".  What a difference a month makes, a week makes and even hours make.  We are living in unprecedented times that no one could have foreseen.  Yet we serve a God that does see all, knows the beginning from the end and is in complete control.  


      Declaring the end from the beginning,
      And from ancient times things which have not been done,
      Saying, ‘My purpose will be established,
      And I will accomplish all My good pleasure’

                   --   Isaiah 46:10


Although there is a "Shelter in Home" order in place restricting anything we do outside of our homes, we need not fear, rather look to the Lord on how He is going to use this to establish His purpose. This is an opportunity for the church to share the peace of God, the hope we have in Jesus.  Unlike after 9/11, where people sought churches for comfort and hope, in today's world we have to be creative and bring the hope of Jesus to them.  Those of us who are still working outside of our homes have that opportunity, I pray for the Holy Spirit to give us boldness.  This is also a time when unsaved family members will be looking to us as they see us continuing to have hope in uncertain times, what an opportunity to point them to Jesus!  If we are staying in our homes during this time there are still ways we can reach out and that is where social media, email, texting and even the long forgotten phone call can be used to reach others. Some of you are already doing that, sharing scriptures and encouraging one another thru social media and other ways of communicating.  I never thought I would be thankful for Social Media but right now I am.  Let's remember even if we can't meet in our church building we can still be the church and share the hope of the gospel the world so desperately needs right now. 



Let this time of  "Sheltering at Home" be a time of spiritual growth, a time where you can pray and have devotions with your loved ones.  We have an opportunity to be still and hear from the Lord like never before. We can be seeking Him, spending time in His word and playing worship music throughout our homes.  Also take advantage of all the resources that are available thru internet, apps etc.  Here are some I would recommend: | Greg Laurie you will find live services, bible studies and much more content.

On Roku or other streaming services you will find "His Channel" streaming teachings and current events 24 hours.


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