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Audio sermons given at Calvary Chapel Nipomo.  Click the triangle to play.

We also stream live video of services and have videos at our Facebook Calvary Chapel Nipomo group.

2020-03-15 Rick Jenkins

Abide in Jesus Psalms 91

2020-02-23 Gerry

Mount of Transfiguration

2020-01-26 Beto Muñoz

Mount of Transfiguration

2020-01-05 Rick Jenkins

Prophesy Update

2019-12-29 Rick Jenkins

1 Thessalonians 5

2019-12-08 Rick Jenkins

Christmas Significance

2019-12-01 Rick Jenkins

Sexual Immorality

2019-11-10 Rick Jenkins

1 Corinthians 6

2019-10-13 Rick Jenkins


2019-09-29 Nick Jenkins

Philippians 1

2019-09-22 Todd Wick

Luke 15 The Prodigal Son

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